Locker Room Talk: Macrophonic Mc

This guy! A man who has lived a life. He’s dad, Emcee, a hard worker, and a martial artist. I was really glad I had the chance to talk to this guy. The best a part was his honesty. A dad of a son and daughter.  Check him out!

What’s the hardest learning experience as a father?

Whoa! Haha Start with a doozy! I think the most difficult learning experience for me as a father would be balancing my work situation and the relationships affected because of it. I’m gone so much that I REALLY try and focus all my energy on making memories through experiences when I’m off work. It’s a very difficult thing sometimes spend quality time with both kids and the wifie when you have almost no more energy to give. Working out and energy drinks bro, working out and energy drinks.

Who influenced you most as a father?

I have a strange answer for this one….my four stepfathers and my real father influenced me greatly. My mom and dad got divorced when I was 7 (the age my boy is now) & moved out of state to avoid child support payments and I didn’t see him again until the day before he passed. My other stepfathers were sincerely the poster children for abusive, horrible father figures so I learned from each of them how not to be and what not to do. I’m the oldest of 7 kids and I pretty much raised my mom too. haha Growing up was baptism by fire for sure but it made me cherish my family!

How do you balance being martial artist, hip hop artist, husband, and a father?

As for martial arts, it’s in my blood and what I’ve always done since kindergarten so it’s an inseparable part of who I am.

As an eMCee, my family fuels my passion for writing and making music. (There’s a song on my last album, Propaganda, specifically for my son and I plan on dedicating songs on this next one to more of my family)

Being a husband is one of the best things I’ve ever done. My wife actually proposed to me and we’ve been married for 13 years now. She’s given me two of the most amazing humans I’ve ever met and shown me what it truly is to love; she’s as much a part of me as breathing at this point.

As far as being a father, I balance everything else around that! I’m 100% a family man and every decision I make filters through the “is this best for my kids” before I decide. It’s the most difficult and most rewarding job I could ever imagine. Being a father is the most important thing I’ve ever done with my life.

What is the home school experience like?

Homeschooling is, in my opinion, the way to go! My son, Cam, is only 7 but he’s on a 5th grade reading level, he’s doing second grade/third grade math and speaks a bit of Japanese, German, French & Spanish. My almost 4 year old daughter is already learning everyday alongside her big brother and she loves it! (She speaks a bit of Japanese as well)

Did the military help shape you as a parent?

I’d have to say no on that one. My house is about as far opposite from the military as you can get. Haha We encourages individualism and creativity every chance we get and they sleep on their own schedules, for the most part. We also sleep together as a family like much of the world where family is paramount over social stigma. When the kiddos are old enough to want to sleep on their own, they’re welcome to it. They have their own rooms but prefer to sleep with mom and dad.

What is the most the important thing that you want to teach your children?

Love, Financial security, self-control, good eating habits & perseverance are all important but if you don’t have love, you are truly poor.

Raising a boy and girl, what has been the biggest adjustment in the house?

I think I may be lucky because they are best friends. They spend every day together and love each other very much. They fight but it’s rare and never very serious. I know every parent says this but I’m very lucky to have such great kids. The biggest issue is getting them to eat healthy. Haha

What is the most stressful thing as a dad?

The most stressful thing about being a dad is, by far, worrying!! No one ever tells you before you have kids about the amount of worrying you’ll do. I worry about food, I worry they’ll get hurt, I even worry about who’ll they’ll hang out with years from now and the choices they’ll make with their lives. All I can do is my best as a father and try to give them all the tools they’ll need to navigate this messed up world. I have full faith that these two will do great things with their lives because they’re both individually so brilliant and big hearted but that’ll never stop me from worrying.

Any advice for the new dads?

For brand new dads….SLEEP!! This will be your greatest challenge so sleep every time the baby does if possible. Listen to your kiddos when they’re old enough to express themselves. This doesn’t mean just hear them, listen to them. Their dream, likes, dislikes, fears, hopes, everything! They’re your kiddos but they’re individuals that will surprise you with how amazing they can be. Also, worrying about money WILL HAPPEN. I’ve always heard people say, “We have to be financially ready for kids”, well, NO ONE will ever be financially ready for everything that comes with raising a kiddo! Lastly, have fun!!! The more serious you are, the more serious they will be. (That works with all emotions btw)

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Locker Room Talk- Axcess

When I was in locker room or just driving to the gym, I was mostly likely listening to hip hop.  Some days you need to discover something new, and then I did. This dude goes by the name of Axcess. He’s a teacher, coach, hip hop artist and a father. He is just an overall great person. I’m honestly a fan, so I thought I should ask him a few questions.

Growing up did you play sports? And do you see yourself pushing your kid into sports?

I grew up with a ball in my hand! Everything we did as kids involved sports, and I’m thankful for it. I met some of my best friends through sports, and learned some great life lessons through sports. As far as my son goes, I’ll introduce him to art, music, sports, and whatever he wants to do I’ll try and provide for him. Pushing something on my son is something I don’t really believe in. I would much rather have him find his love and passion for something… then I can push him to be great at whatever he loves.

How do you balance work, being a dad and artist?

Being a teacher, high school football coach, hip hop artist and a dad is very time consuming. Planning is key and taking full advantage of free time is crucial. Any time I have extra to spend time with my family and son, I have to take advantage of. I believe developing that father-son bond is most crucial during his first couple years, so I try to be with him as much as I can.

Does the stress of touring affect you as parent?

Touring and doing shows is tough not only on my family, but me as well. I absolutely hate being away from my son and wife. After my son was born, I’ve slowed down quite a bit in doing out of town shows, I would hope to eventually be able to use a tour as a vacation as my family and bring my family with me when I go.

What was the most difficult thing as parent right now?

The most difficult thing about being a parent for me is keeping strong relationships with my close friends. Because I am so busy with coaching, music, and family it’s hard to keep up with all of my friends and spend quality time with them all.

Who is your biggest influence?

My biggest influence is my dad. He provided my brother and I with an open mind, and tons of opportunities. I am very thankful for both my parents, and owe my success to them.

What’s change since you became dad and a hip hop artist?

One thing that has really changed since I’ve became a dad is my time is very limited. Not only time has been an issue, but sometimes it is mentally exhausting. I really have to push myself sometimes to get stuff done because sometimes I really just want to unwind and relax. I can’t just go to the studio when I want anymore; I have to make sure my wife will be home, or someone to watch my son. I’m just blessed my wife is very understanding and supports my dreams.

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